Imagine... Having complete confidence in your creative abilities!

With Natural Creativity, you’re finally going to experience what that feels like. In this mini-course you’ll learn how to tap into and develop your natural creative language in just 7 days. 


Now only $67!

7 days to ignite your natural  language of Creativity!

Tell me if any of these sound like you?

  • You have always wanted to understand your creativity but never had consistent  time to study and work on it.

  • You might believe that you have to go to school to learn how to be creative. (Absolutely not true at all.)

  • You love to doodle but really never make anything that looks finished. You aren't sure how to get past that point.

  • You know that creativity is important but aren’t sure where to focus your efforts or how to develop it further.

  • You often start a piece of artwork but never really know how to finish it. You're stuck in the unfinished zone.

  • You finally have time on your hands and want to reconnect with your creative self. This is very important to you!

  • You value creativity as an important part of a balanced life but don't want to take a bunch of art classes.

  • You're certain you are creative but just don't know how to develop that ability on your own. 

What if there was a way that you could continually progress in developing your natural creative language and always have plenty of ideas to keep you learning and growing, all with purpose and focus?

That’s exactly why I put together Natural Creativity. I want you to have this simple but effective way to tap into and develop your unlimited ability to speak your Natural Creative Language. 

If you’d like to develop a solid foundation for your continuing creative development and excitement all within just seven short days, join me inside of Natural Creativity. 

Natural Creativity is a program that will give you a solid foundation for developing your natural creative language. Your language is unique to you and this program will help you to see the beauty that’s waiting to reveal itself on the page. In 7 short days you will have created a rock solid base to support a lifetime of creative exploration!

Right now you might be struggling with...

  • Not Understanding how to finish a piece of art

  • Not knowing what you should create

  • Feeling like you don't have enough time to be creative

  • Lack of focus in the work you are creating

  • A feeling that you need to be a trained artist to be creative

  • Fear of "not being good enough" to show anyone your creativity

  • Feeling like your too old to work on your creativity now

  • A lack of understanding in how to truly understand and appreciate art

  • The dreaded blank white page syndrome

  • Feeling like you don't have enough time to be creative

  • Lack of focus in the work you are creating


  • In one week's time, you could forever leave any fears about being creative behind you.


    You can move from frustration, straight into FUN and creative ease.


    You could view any piece of art and be able to see into what the artist was trying to say, as if you understood the message they were sending.


    You can feel confident about making art, at anytime, with any medium, and enjoy the process. 


    You had focus, purpose, and could add emotion to your art easily every time you create anything. 



So, Why Natural Creativity?

And, Why is this so important?

Hi, I’m Peter Bragino!


I used to be a very frustrated artist. I’d stare at a blank page and see what I wanted to draw but couldn’t put it on to the paper. I thought art was something that had to look real and judged myself by looking at other artists and how they could make things look so life-like. The FRUSTRATION was real, but one day I had a break through which I’ll get to in a minute...

Fast forward to today and I’ve been a professional artist for over 20 years. I approach art in a more creative way. The same way a child does. Most well trained artists that I know also approach art this way and that’s the secret to why they are all successful and unique in their creativity. It’s the same reason you’re going to be successful as a creative too. 

This painting  is naturally named "Frustration." Not many people know of this painting since it sold a long time ago when I lived and had shows in Southern California. 


I'm sharing this with you because it marked a turning point in my life as a creative. This painting wasn't supposed to look like that. It didn't work out the way I intended it. I was so frustrated that I wanted to quit making art altogether in the middle of doing this. 


I thought to myself:- "If art is going to feel like this, I don't want to do it anymore." 

After about 30 minutes of cooling off, I decided I had nothing left to lose with this 4ft x 8ft canvas, so I just started throwing paint at it. You know what? I started having fun. I realized that art needs to be fun, and I can't control everything in the creation process. This improvisational attitude now rules my creative mindset. 


The moral of the story is that nothing is perfect, not even creativity. You have to throw caution to the wind and enjoy the process. That's the flow a child creates within. As adults, we have that capacity too!

“My ultimate goal in offering ”Natural Creativity” is for you to know and experience the power of your own creative language. Throughout the long journey that I’ve been on creatively, I’ve gathered the most important aspects that are required for creative freedom and I want to share those with you. People like to tell me they’re not creative and that’s not true at all. I’m going to help you re-connect with your intuitive creative self!

Get Natural Creativity today...


Now only $67!

7 days to ignite your natural  language of Creativity!

Here's what you'll learn inside of Natural Creativity:

How to think like a master artist right from the start of every piece of creativity. The Free Flow Method will get you moving in the right direction every single time. You’ll leave blank white page syndrome behind when you finally understand this!

Learn the art of how to control the eye of the viewer, why that’s important, and secret techniques that you can employ that will always create visual interest in your work. We’re going to focus, focus, focus on this one...

Discover how to control emotion on a page. Hint - this is one major key to telling a proper story. If you want to truly express yourself you’ll need to understand all the tools available to you. This is where creativity really gets to be fun...

Take a visual trip with me through art that I create over the years. We’re going to look at how I did or “did not” use some of the techniques I’m going to teach you. The truth is, I didn’t always know what I’m offering you here and I’m going to point that out to you so you can see how my work has improved by implementing these teachings. 

How to engage the mindset it takes to see art and creativity from an entirely new perspective. This is one of the most important things that you should grasp if you want to develop and maintian your Natural Creative Language!

Develop your ability to appreciate and understand the art you create and the art throughout history. Once you know how to speak your own language of creativity you’ll be able to easily recognize that in other people’s work. The art musuem will take on an entirely new dimension for you! 

Here's everything you get when you grab your copy of Natural Creativity

The FreeFlow Method

...a simple method to get you creating beautiful art right from day one. Say goodbyes to blank page syndrome.

$175 Value

My Portfolio Review

...dive deep with me through a wide variety of my original work to see how I've applied these methods.

$75 Value

Downloadable Workbooks

...everything you need to complete the course with illustrations, examples and fillable sheets.

$45 Value

Mood Making Magic

...this is where the rubber meets the road. I'll show you how to really express your ideas and emotions.

$175 Value

The Focus Factor

...the one shift in mindset that will give you clarity and direction in creating your future works of art. 

$175 Value

Your Art Guide Offer

...finish the course and you'll earn a discounted offer for a personal review of your creative efforts.

$25 Value

“Wow”, that’s a lot of stuff for just.....$67? Really?!



Just complete all the assignments for Natural Creativity and send me an image of them all. If after I've had a chance to review them and respond, you still think that you didn't get your money's worth from this incredible training, I will gladly refund your money within a 30-day period. Can't wait to see what you create!

Peter Bragino

FAQ's about Natural Creativity

What if I can't even draw a stick figure?

What’s so great about drawing stick figures anyway? :) But seriously, this goes far beyond being able to draw a “thing”. This is about design, language, meditation, relaxation, enjoyment, connection, and so much more. I do think it’s cute when people tell me they can’t even draw a stick figure as a way to justify that they’re not creative. It’s just not true. If you’re reading this, I can assure you that YOU ARE creative.

I don't think I'm creative. Will this work for me?

If you do the work, it's going to work. Mindset about creativity is one of the most important things that I want to get across on this course. Being creative is more about how you see than how you draw or paint. When you take the time to develop and understand your natural language of creativity, you learn how to see the beauty that lies within your already creative self. You are creative!

My life is super busy, will this take a lot of my time?

The course only takes one week to complete. That’s about a 15-20 minute commitment each day and that’s it. My hope for you is that you’ll take what you learned in Natural Creativity and continue to use and apply it for the rest of your life. Once you complete the course, your vision as a creative person will be enhanced forever and that will continue to serve you over and over again in your creativity!​

How long will I have access to the course material?

You have lifetime access to the material in this course. Essentially, you can take this course over and over again and get different and more progressive results each time. I continue to use the information and techniques that I teach inside on a daily basis in my own creativity. The information in this course will be with you as long as you want to access it. ​

What if I don't have any tech skills?

The beauty of this course is that you don’t need any tech skills to take it. If you’re able to see this page and read these words, that means you already have access to the internet which you will require initially. However, the exercises in this course are all done on actual pieces of paper with real pens, pencils, markers, etc. You’ll need to be able to print out the workbook. If you can do that, you can take this course!​

What if I don't have any art supplies?

In the opening section of the course I have a very detailed video talking all about supplies, my recommendations and how to best start this course. I also have links to my suggested marker sets and materials if you have nothing to color with around the house. I’ve taken all the guess work out of it for you. Even if you only had a black ink pen in the house, you could still complete these exercises. ​

What if someone criticizes my drawings?

The only person’s opinion that matters in regard to the art that you make is YOU. By the end of this course you’ll have practiced, not only creating art, but writing about what you just created as well. You’ll be so well versed in your process of art creation and analysis that you’ll have a perfectly firm grip on what you are doing on the page. That gives you power and authority to create and speak about your work. You win!

You're just one step away from connecting with your Natural Creativity! 


Now only $67!

7 days to ignite your natural  language of Creativity!

Who is Natural Creativity for?

Aspiring Artists

I know who you are all too well because I was you at one point. The truth is that details and “making things look real” are secondary to the power of what incredible composition and storytelling can create. Think of the icing on the cake analogy. Details and “rendering things as real’ is the icing on the cake. All the ingredients, and the delicious cake underneath is the foundation of what makes a great cake. You owe it to yourself to develop your personal language of art and composition. It will serve you well and strongly support you on the road to becoming a fearlessly creative, professional artist.

Yes, I see you. The truth is, I am a soul seeker as well. You know you’re a soul seeker if you value your personal creativity so much that you’re going to develop it even if you have no desire to be “a professional artist’. Natural creativity is something that will support you in all your creative adventures in life. Although I’m teaching you this in reference to two-dimensional art on a page, the concept and discipline of understanding both composition and your personal creative language is universal. I know you realize this is important and I’m thrilled to be able to help you achieve this piece of balance in your life.

“Peter is an amazing artist — his desire to make a positive change is beautiful. He’s also extremely dedicated to his work. very patient, and best of all he really enjoys teaching. Doesn’t get better than that.”

Udi Sachdev

“Who wouldn’t wish to be mentored by a gifted and talented soul filled with a passion for art and a deep desire to inspire others to grow? This is Peter Bragino!”​

Lynn Huguet

“Bragino is extremely empathetic and wise, which, in addition to his artistic knowledge, makes him a great teacher. He was taught by the late great Jeffrey K. Fisher, and will pass on those excellent techniques in learning how to see.”

Anu Annam

Here's how this works!


Grab your copy of Natural Creativity.


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Follow the daily lessons and begin
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Enjoy a lifetime of creative

possibiltes and inspiration!

Imagine where you can be
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Confident and secure in your creative abilities

Basking in the serenity of childlike creativity

Staring down a lifetime of creative possibilities

Analyzing the great works of the past masters of art

An evolved critical thinker and problem solver

Viewing the world through your new artistic lens

Cradled in the meditative qualified of creativity

Enjoying the beautiful and simple act of creativity

Get Natural Creativity today...


Now only $67!

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